What is TBW?

The Belgian Waffle is a lifestyle blog on movies, tv shows, books and cooking. I love all of these things and I'm pretty obsessive about them too. I also LOVE musical theatre, and I would love to share with whoever cares what I discover. And I thought I always take pictures of what I eat (especially desserts) and it gets on everybody's nerves, so why not use these pictures for something..

Most articles will be in English, except for recipes which will be in French (unless I have it in English at first.. anyways). If you want to try it, I can still translate it if you need me to.
It will mostly be from my point of view (so hum, if I have bad taste in movies or else.. that's too bad). I hope to get guest authors to contribute as well. If any of you guys want to submit anything, feel free to do it!

Articles about other subjects might also appear, like my "Coup de coeur"s of the Week and so on.

Hope you enjoy!

xx Alice

Ps: also, I am a bit obsessed with pretty boys, excuse me for that.

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