Sunday, February 12, 2012

Across the Universe

Who doesn't love the Beatles? It might be the best band I ever had the pleasure to listen to. They are timeless, entertaining and amazing. If you love the Beatles as much as I do, you'll love "Across the Universe".

This movie from 2007, directed by Julie Taymor, was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. "Across the Universe" is a psychedelic and magical musical, centered around 33 songs of the Beatles. It follows the life of Jude, a young man from Liverpool, who leaves for America to find his father. He meets Max, a young rebel, and his sister Lucy. Their friendship will lead Jude to the heart of anti-war protests and the cultural revolution of the 60s, all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Together, they will meet other people, also lost in the change happening at the time.

The list of actors include Jim Sturgess (who I personally LOVE), Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, Martin Luther McCoy and T.V. Carpio. With appearances by Bono, Salma Hayek and Joe Cocker. All the songs from the movie were written by the Beatles and each is rendered beautifully. My favorites include "All my loving", "All you need is love", "It won't be long", "Hey Jude", "Because" and "Something". For an entire list of the songs, check the Wikipedia page.

To be honest, if there ever is a Broadway (or West End) musical made out of this movie, I would really love to play the character of Lucy. Getting to sing the songs of the Beatles every night would be a dream.
I really enjoy this movie, every time I watch it. It has a powerful message and the songs are all very beautiful. I recommend you to watch it, it is worth it.

Tell me which songs were your favorites in the comments! :)

And just because I love it SO much, here is my favorite part of the movie:

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  1. I'll watch it this afternoon. For the very first time. :)