Monday, March 5, 2012

84th Academy Awards

I thought a lot about making it the "Coup de Coeur" of the Week, but there were too many videos I loved. What I love the most about the Oscars are the dresses everybody wears. They are all so pretty and inventive and the actresses all look so amazing in them.

But, this post will not be about all these wonderful dresses, but more about the speeches and the skits I liked. My favorites are definitely not very original and surely predictable, but that is just the way it is.

As I am from Europe and French-speaking, I cannot NOT love Jean Dujardin. I have loved this man for a while now, since around 2005. And I love how he "grew up" as an actor and how recognized he is now, on every continent. His speech made me emotional, and very happy. How he looked at his wife (Alexandra Lamy) and how she looked back at him, his accent, the "I love your country", the French part of his speech and how he dared to say "Putain" on American television.. he probably didn't know he couldn't. I love him, and I am so glad he received the Oscar for Best Actor. Bravo Jean, et merci.

The quality of this video is very bad, I apologize, but it's all I could find. I think Emma Stone is one of the funniest person ever, she is just so entertaining and pretty and amazing. This video made me laugh a lot, and I liked the fact that Ben Stiller was just very quiet.. not that I don't like him, but it was a welcomed contrast. This little skit was hilarious to me, and I just love Emma's dress.

Meryl Streep was winning the third Oscar of her career, and she is as beautiful as ever. I love her, and her speech was perfect. "When they called my name I had a feeling I could hear half of America going 'Oh nooo, oh come on, why, HER? Again?' ... But, whatever!" She is so cute and wonderful. This woman deserves all the awards she can get, she truly is the best actress of our time.

I am so happy about Octavia Spencer winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, I loved "The Help" and I am so glad it got at least one Oscar.

I didn't watch all of the ceremony, but I did watch some of the Pre-Show E! Red Carpet and I was VERY happy to find out Darren Criss was going to perform.. with Kermit the Frog. He was cute. And I'll just leave you with a video of their performance.. I cannot wait for the 85th ceremony of the Academy Awards!

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